Translator Susanne Stöver deceased


At the end of February, we received the sad news that Susanne Stöver passed away as a result of her cancer. Susanne joined our team of translators at our conference in Volos, 2006, and has been an integral part of it ever since. Even the birth of her two daughters did not stop her from supporting us at our conferences. She simply brought them with her when no other care could be found, which led to a competition, especially in Padua, to see who could look after little Lilo while mum translated.

Even though Susanne was not an active member of a museum railway, she still had a great enthusiasm for railways. Therefore, it was easy for her to learn the technical terms and thus give the translations at our conferences a special quality. Due to her friendly nature and her linguistic skills, she made many friends among our conference participants.

Shortly after our 2019 conference in Wernigerode, Susanne was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she succumbed to on 21 February this year in Innsbruck. Before that, she was able to celebrate her fiftieth birthday in a large circle in Munich on 21 January. Susanne is survived by her two daughters Dora (14) and Lilo (8) and her partner Eric. She was buried in her mother’s grave at the St. Nikolaus cemetery on 6 March.

All our sympathy goes to their relatives. We will miss her very much.


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