FEDECRAIL I.V.Z.W. – European Federation of Museum- and Tourist Railways

Merellaan 11
4461 RH Goes
Telefone: +31-6-15396032

Email: [email protected]

Council members authorised to represent FEDECRAIL I.V.Z.W.:

Jaap Nieweg (President)
Pierluigi Scoizzato (Vice-President)
Mimmi Mickelsen (Vice-President)
Bruno Fleury (Vice-President)

FEDECRAIL I.V.Z.W. is an organisation according to the Belgian law of 27th June 1921 regarding non-profit organisations, international non-profit organisations and charities (art. 46 to 57 inclusive). The constitution was accepted by King ALBERT II of the Belgians on 8th September 1994 (Nr. 3/13.512/S). Identification number: 0453405318.

The legal office of the organisation is at: c/o Advocatenkantoor J. Van der Perre, Ganzenstraat 57, 8000 Brugge, Belgium.

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