Councilmeetings, Seminars & Webinars

Welcome to the Fedecrail Updates Page!

On this page, you will find information about ongoing and upcoming events within Fedecrail. We strive to keep our members informed and engaged with all the latest happenings and developments.

Get Involved!

We encourage all our members to contribute topics and challenges to our board meetings. Your input is invaluable in shaping the direction of our organization and ensuring that we address the most pressing issues facing our community.

Bi-Monthly Updates

Don’t forget about our bi-monthly update! This publication is a great way to stay connected with Fedecrail’s activities, and we are always looking for new content to include. Whether it’s articles, news, or stories related to railway heritage, your contributions help make our updates richer and more informative. Content should be sent to schutte(a) the actual dates:
June 8th, August 8th, October 8th, December 8th, the content should be max 200 words, pictures are welcome.

Thank you for your continued support and participation. Together, we can make a difference in preserving and promoting railway heritage across Europe.

Regular Board Meetings of Fedecrail

The Fedecrail board meets regularly, primarily through digital platforms, to ensure we stay connected and active in our endeavors. Below are the upcoming dates for the board meetings, including our officers.

Upcoming Board Meetings 2024:

  • 18 May online
  • 1-2 June Amsterdam
  • 6 July online
  • 17 August online
  • 14 September online
  • 5 October online
  • 31-3 November Saint Quentin, General meeting with Members 1-3 November
  • 7 December online

Active Participation

We believe it is crucial to be active and engaged in our operations. This year, we also have an important EU election, which is significant for the organization’s work with the mobile industrial heritage.

With the introduction of new board members and officers, we recognize the importance of maintaining closer contact. We are always keen to receive input from our members. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable in helping us improve and grow.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement. Together, we can ensure the success and vitality of Fedecrail.