Tramway Group strengthens communication


In the year 2020, the tramway group monitored a few issues, such as the impact of covid on heritage trams and the standardization work that takes place on behalf of the EU. During the year, a visit was made to the UK tram. A very interesting visit that gave an understanding of how the association within HRA (Heritage Railway Association) for heritage tram.

In the coming years, the tramway group has arrived at a business plan with increased communication and webinars for and with members. We see that there are different needs and that the work within the tramway group is more about actively visiting the members and meeting online.

The tramway group is planning a visit to the German tramway meeting (AHN) which is arranged annually. Trying to arrange a “hands on trip” however, this is entirely due to the pandemic. We hope for an exciting 2021 with many exchanges internationally and learning from each other.


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