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The Monte Igueldo Funicular/Spain

The Monte Igueldo funicular (Donstia-San Sebastián) is over 100 years old and still operates daily with the same equipment and vehicles as when it was inaugurated on 25 August 1912. In 2014, the Basque government declared the Monte Igueldo funicular railway and amusement park a cultural asset under monument protection. The funicular is an essential addition to Monte Igueldo’s tourism and leisure. The main objective over the years has been to preserve the original condition. Apart from some minor changes, the carriages still have the original wooden bodywork. The funicular was designed by engineer Emilio Huici in collaboration with the Swiss company Von Roll.

The funicular is single-track, except for a central area where a double-track system allows the cars to pass each other. In just 3 minutes and 20 seconds, the Monte Igueldo funicular, which is equipped with a 125 Von Roll engine, covers 312.5 metres in a straight line over a 151-metre incline with a maximum gradient of almost 60% and at a speed of 1.5 metres per second. Each vehicle has five compartments and a capacity of 50 passengers. The trams run every 15 minutes, with the frequency increasing at peak times. (


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