Support for the Strasshof Railway Museum


In a letter to the Austrian Federal Chancellery in Vienna, FEDECRAIL has lobbied to support the Strasshof Railway Museum in Lower Austria. The museum is located in the listed hall and the historical railway installations in Strasshof. This would provide the ideal conditions for a modern Austrian railway museum of international standard in an authentic environment (including a wooden water tower, coal elevators, water cranes and turntable).

The current operator, 1st Austrian Tram and Railway Club (1.öSEK), has already created a solid basis (eight operational steam locomotives, over 150 rail vehicles). The non-profit association has not yet received any support from ÖBB or the public sector. Therefore, FEDECRAIL proposes to financially support the association in the construction of a depot hall, in order to tackle the conservation problems and to enable the storage of the valuable exhibits at Strasshof in a protected location. An important second step would be the construction of an exhibition hall in which the exhibits could be presented appropriately for a museum.


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