Preparations for the peace train


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Compiègne armistice, which was concluded between the German Reich and the two Western powers France and Great Britain at the end of the First World War. In autumn, this event will be celebrated festively in Alsace, including a spectacular show on the Doller railway between Cernay Saint André and Sentheim west of Mulhouse. Two authentic historical trains with “soldiers” from France and Germany are going to meet at the former Burnhaupt border station. Whilst the combatting parties were negotiating on the supply of wounded people, it seemed they might return to the use of arms, but the bells rang for peace.

Council members and officers of VDMT, UNECTO and FEDECRAIL met with representatives of the local authorities in January in Thann/Alsace to confirm their participation in this project and to visit the Doller railway (photo). In addition to this “peace train”, there will also be a joint congress of the French and German umbrella associations of museum and tourist railways in November.


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