New board members and new FEDECRAIL members


At the Annual General Meeting of FEDECRAIL on 9 April 2022 in Leuven (Belgium), which was held in hybrid form, Pierluigi Scoizzato and Josef van der Perre were confirmed as members of the board, with Phillippe Dupont joining as a new member. Pierluigi Scoizzato was elected Vice-President and Vice-President Mimmi Mickelson was appointed as FEDECRAIL responsible secretary, because the current secretary Kees Wijnnobel was not available for a new term of three years. He will in the first period after leaving the board fulfill the role of executive secretary and will make a smooth transfer possible.

The following new FECERAIL members were welcomed: Brünig Dampf Bahn (CH), Railway Preservation Society of Ireland (IE), The Flour Mill Ltd (UK), North Norfolk Railway (UK), Welsh Highland Heritage Railway (UK) and the Leighton and Buzzard Light Railway (UK).


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