FEDECRAIL Annual Conference 2018 in Scotland

c Forth Bridge in Edinburgh. Photo: Heimo Echensperger

The next annual FEDECRAIL conference will take the participants to Scotland. The “Edinburgh 2018 Conference” will take place in the second half of April 2018. The main conference days are the 20th and 21st of the month, with the focus on Friday being on specialist lectures on current topics and the Annual General Meeting being held on Saturday morning. For the partners of the delegates there is a special program during this time.

This 25th annual FEDECRAL conference will again be combined with a varied excursion program. The first part of the route leads from Edinburgh through central Scotland, the second one into the north of the country. During the “add-on tour”, which can be connected from April 25, North-East England is to be visited.

The detailed program is currently in progress. Among other things, steam trains will be operated on main lines, museum railways and transport museums will be visited as well as other attractions.


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