7 most endangered heritage sites 2023

The preliminary list of candidate locations has recently been announced by EN – eleven different buildings and heritage sites throughout Europe from which a final selection will be made. Details of the full list can be found on:  

Of some interest this year, the candidates include a station – the main building at KortrijkStation in Belgium, near to the western border which is threatened with demolition for a re-building project.  A campaign to save the existing building is being led by the Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology.  The present structure is relatively modern and dates from 1951, but it incorporates significant sculptural elements on the façade and a major artwork depicting the river Lys and the industries of the town in the main ticket hall, all of which it seems would be lost. A final decision and announcement of this year’s 7 locations will be made in April.

Peter Ovenstone, Secretary, EN Industrial & Engineering Heritage Committee


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