Conference with Members Meeting


We welcome our members and stakeholders to working group meetings and general meeting in Saint Quentin France in 1-3rd November 2024.

We will gather for both study visits but also meetings this weekend.

  • We wish to gather young enthusiasts to work and create our new youth exchange. Something we will also work with for EU funding.
  • HOG, Heritage Operating Group will hold a meeting.
  • TG, Tramway Group holds meeting.
  • EWG/WIMH, our environmental group combines with our Working Industrial Mobile Heritage has meeting. A very exciting initiative that we wish to staff.

On Saturday, we will hold a General meeting but also a members’ meeting to create and understand our members’ needs and challenges and strategies for reaching them. Part of the work within being a member-oriented organization.

Prices and information will be presented after the AGM in Bilbao.


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