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Conference ‘Belgium 2017’ in Antwerp
Published: 18th June 2017

Informative updates, excursions and FEDECRAIL’s annual General Assembly were, as usual, the fixtures of the conference ‘Belgium 2017’ in the first half of May in …

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Vice President Heimo Echensperger re-elected
Published: 28th May 2017

At the last annual general meeting, Vice President and treasurer Heimo Echensperger was unanimously re-elected for three years. Furthermore, Jaap Nieweg retired General Manager of …

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Three new FEDECRAIL members
Published: 25th May 2017

Three new members joined FEDECRAIL. They were introduced at the 24th annual general meeting, which took place at Hof van Liere-Conference Centre at the University …

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Last call for youth exchange
Published: 23rd May 2017

Last call for participants of the Fedecrail Youth Exchange 2017 in Italy. The deadline for applications has been moved to Friday 26 May. The 11th …

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