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Petition for the Trieste – Opicina railway line
Published: 27th October 2017

The unique Trieste – Opicina railway line in Italy is on the verge of a definitive “end”. Since an accident in August 2016, operations have …

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FEDECRAIL Annual Conference 2018 in Scotland
Published: 23rd October 2017

The next annual FEDECRAIL conference will take the participants to Scotland. The “Edinburgh 2018 Conference” will take place in the second half of April 2018. …

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David Morgan passes on the presidency to Jaap Nieweg
Published: 22nd October 2017

In July 2017, for the first time in its 20-year history, FEDECRAIL has seen a change of president. Since the founding of the organisation in …

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FEDECRAIL support for the Augsburg Railway Park
Published: 12th October 2017

In a letter, sent to the highest ranking government authorities of the state, the region and the city as well as to the Member of …

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Fedecrail Youth Exchange with 17 boys and girls
Published: 27th September 2017

The 11th Fedecrail Youth Exchange started in Turin (Italy) on July 29. Seventeen boys and girls from various European countries (Sweden, Italy, Austria, England, Romania, …

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Search for light steel wheels for hand trolleys
Published: 18th September 2017

FEDECRAIL member from Gulbene, Latvia, needs some assistance from colleagues: They are going to produce one interesting railway stuff – a wooden hand trolley from …

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