Working with young people is an important area to obtain new active volunteers for the heritage railways and railway museums to support their future. This was therefore also the main theme of FEDECRAIL's conference in 2000 in Bad Breisig, Germany. To support the heritage railways in attractng young volunteers FEDECRAIL has produced a video, which shows how young people can get involved at a heritage railway and to encourage them to join. Beyond that FEDECRAIL since 2007 organizes an annual youth exchange for young volunteers.

Here you can view the video on Youtube:

The video can be shown and suitable events like fairs, meseum events etc. The presentation should be supported with a contact person being present to explain the possibilities of involvement at the local railway. A DVD in normal VHS quality and in full length (19 min) can be obtained from FEDECRAIL. Request it with an email to our secretary.


updated 12.04.2019