FEDECRAIL Cooperates with the Following Institutions - Kooperiert mit folgenden Institutionen - Coopère avec les organismes suivants

  • Europa Nostra - die Europäische Föderation für das kulturelle Erbe
  • IATM - International Association of Transport and Communcation Museums

The purpose of TopRail is to enhance the visibility of railway tourism products and to encourage train and tourism opportunities by collaboration between stakeholders.

  • NERHT - New Europe Railway Heritage Trust

FEDECRIAL and NERHT have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding for the purposes of clarifying relations between the two organisations, facilitating co-operation.

  • WATTRAIN - World Association of Tourist Trams and Trains
  • ATHRA - Association of Tourist and Heritage Rail Australia Inc.
  • APTHRO - Asia Paciiffic Heritage and Tourist Train Organisaion
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