FEDECRAIL Cooperates with the Following Institutions - Kooperiert mit folgenden Institutionen - Coopère avec les organismes suivants

  • Europa Nostra - die Europäische Föderation für das kulturelle Erbe

  • IATM - International Association of Transport and Communcation Museums

  • TopRail - is a UIC project. The purpose of TopRail is to enhance the visibility of railway tourism products and to encourage train and tourism opportunities by collaboration between stakeholders.

  • NERHT - New Europe Railway Heritage Trust

FEDECRIAL and NERHT have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding for the purposes of clarifying relations between the two organisations, facilitating co-operation.

  • WATTRAIN - World Association of Tourist Trams and Trains

  • ATHRA - Association of Tourist and Heritage Rail Australia Inc.

  • APTHRO - Asia Paciiffic Heritage and Tourist Train Organisaion

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