Model railway festival at the Portuguese National Railway Museum


The Fantastic World of Model Railway has arrived at the Portuguese National Railway Museum. Clubs, Associations, Practitioners, Shops, Curious and Railway Modeling Lovers from north to south of the country, with hundreds of meters of modules and compositions.

For three days, from 3 to 5 June 2022, animation was guaranteed! The meeting brought together more than a hundred lovers of model railways, more than 150 meters of modules, representing stations, stops, cities, real landscapes and other products of the imagination of the model makers themselves. Inversion maneuvers, overtaking or crossing trains, loading and unloading maneuvers of goods and even railway accidents, delighted the more than 2000 people who visited the event.

We intend to start a great annual meeting, which marks the Cultural Agenda of the Central Region of the country. In addition to modeling lovers, the event was dedicated to Families. At this meeting, everyone could visit the Museum and the city of Entroncamento, get to know the fantastic world of miniature trains, ride the Museum’s manned model circuit, as well as learn how to make a model and talk to modelers.

Schools were also invited to participate, and the first day of the event was reserved for this audience. We had several workshops, in which the children learned to make a model of a Railway Station, talked with model makers about how to build a model and learned to drive a train in a train simulator.

Museu Nacional Ferroviário

Photo: Getting children excited about railways


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